De Padova Soho

DePadova, the premiere interiors concept brand renowned for its refined Italian and Scandinavian-influenced design, has announced the arrival of its first showroom in the United States, located in the heart of SoHo, New York City. The opening marks the establishment of the brand’s very own headquarters, as its products were previously integrated in the Boffi SoHo showroom just a few blocks away. Now on a third floor of a historical building in SoHo, the DePadova SoHo flagship is meant to represent a full home experience where pieces from the DePadova, Boffi and MA / U Studio collection merge as an unabridged lifestyle.

Since Boffi’s acquisition of DePadova in 2015 and MA/U Studio’s in 2017, the Boffi Group’s development has led to exposure in influential cities, like Milan, New York, and soon, London. With the DePadova SoHo flagship, the Boffi Group proves that it has perfectly integrated three brands into one domestic space.

Located in one of the most signature areas of the Big Apple, DePadova’s sleek style reflects the rise of Nordic design in luxury residences in New York. Designed by Piero Lissoni and Boffi Group Design & Style, the strong 4,000 square foot space has striking ceilings and grand windows, and mirrors a contemporary, minimalist apartment with DePadova furnishings.

“We look forward to introducing the DePadova collection to the dynamic design community in New York and feel that DePadova’s products offer broad appeal to design-minded homeowners in the area,” said Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of The Boffi Group.

With a distinctive design philosophy, the DePadova SoHo flagship offers a space where both new and classic interior design solutions are proposed, from the refined furnishings of DePadova, to the exquisite Boffi offerings and MA/U Studio’s modular and versatile capabilities. With such a diverse selection of high quality products, DePadova SoHo will offer a wider variety of sophisticated design concepts.


Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday-Sunday closed