Bistrot Litta Ventiquattro

Palazzo Litta 2017 | Bistrot Litta Ventiquattro – Litta Theatre – Design Schools


Elisa Ossino Studio signs the interior design of Palazzo Litta’s bar: what is today the meeting point of a patrician and historical residence has been re-imagined in a contemporary and informal way. Geometrical patterns and a warm-toned palette are juxtaposed with the existing surroundings, generating a vivid and dense dialogue between the temporary intervention and the late Baroque architecture. The project combines conviviality and welcoming atmospheres: guests are seated at a five-meter-long table, enjoying and living the space as a sharing place. A destructured and comfortable lounge, with sofas and armchairs, comes to life around a Poseidon statue in a niche where visitors are invited to chill and enjoy a break. The interior design reinterprets the space through vibrant chromatic tensions. From the bar counter to the wallpaper covered screen, the space is emphasized by graphic signs which overlap the high curtains.

Palazzo Litta 
Corso Magenta 24

From 04/04 to 09/04 from 11.00 to 21.00