Design, Light, Future and Living are the four key concepts that, together, make up DeLightFuL, a word that guides and expresses all of the event/exhibit’s forms and content. The DeLightFuL space offers a highly engaging visual and sensorial itinerary right on the Fair site in its pavilions. Contemporary living is defined by an architectural and poetic use of light, its ability to influence the perception of space and create a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, and its use as a theatrical element capable of outlining spaces and evoking atmospheres. Magical lighting effects will create a sort of metaphysical nest, an intimate world that, although imaginary and virtual, ensures security and serenity for those who inhabit it. A vast selection of furnishings tells the story of contemporary design, transformed into one-off pieces through unusual combinations of materials, fabrics, treatments and colours that create high-impact installations. A series of doors provides catalysing gateways to change, leading to different spaces and a rediscovery of a renewed space for us to call home. The venture focuses very much on colour for its playful, passionate and irreverent expression of contemporary living and a new freedom of expression. A short film d’auteur directed by Matteo Garrone forms an integral part of the project, offering a different view of the world of design by moving in a reality both tangible and illusory in a work of fantasy atmospheres and natural storytelling.

The De Padova products are: Asseman bed (P. Cagliani), 606 bookshelves (D. Rams) , Raffles sofa (V. Magistretti), Quadrato table with Uragano armchair (V. Magistretti).

Design, Light, Future, Living
Salone del Mobile
Fiera Rho, Pav.15

DeLightFuL DeLightFuL DeLightFuL