Short movie Maddalena! shown for Milano Design Film Festival

On Thursday, October 19th starts the fifth edition of the Milan Design Film Festival. A Milanese movie event dedicated to design and architecture with more than 80 film titles featured at the renowned Anteo SpazioCinema, in the heart of the Brera area.
This festival accents the aptitude of the city of Milan to interact with mixed realities and different disciplines, in which everything is a project.

Patricia Urquiola and Alberto Zontone are the  special guest curators, who have selected 8 titles. Patricia Urquiola, owner of an international architecture and design studio, emphasizes her passion, and that of her husband Alberto, for the world of cinema.

Among the exhibition titles dedicated to the protagonists of the design, the “Maddalena!” film, by Valeria Parisi dedicated to Maddalena De Padova. The Lady of the Design told her own story, narrating the encounters, people, places and objects that contributed to the De Padova brand history. The film also features the voices of architects, entrepreneurs, journalists and friends who knew her.

October 20th-22nd,
h. 8pm,  Astra room at
Anteo Palazzo del Cinema
Piazza XXV Aprile, 8 – Milano