Boffi | Studio De Padova Lyon

In 2016 a new chapter for Boffi Lyon starts : the launch of De Padova collections in the showroom, chosen in collaboration with Maison Hand. Iconic pieces of Italian design associated with Boffi creations in a special set.


Horaire d'ouverture

Monday – Friday 10h00 – 12h30 / 14h00 – 19h00

Saturday by appointment only



Your project

A fairly accurate provided by you or your architect is enough to make a draft plan. We build with you or your architect, a detailed specification in which we can discuss all aspects of your project.

Design and installation

We have the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick, precise and thorough design development and execution. We can make - only on request - a 3D render of your project. Our services also include advice and technical assistance to companies working on the project.

Installation and maintenance

The typical installation period for an average-sized Boffi system is approximately 5-8 working days, and formulated to suit the client’s timeline and preferences. Boffi will supply a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects.