De Padova, 4-9 April 2017

De Padova, 4-9 April 2017

De Padova presents:

Mosaïque, sofa by Piero Lissoni
“Mosaïque is not a sofa or, if you prefer, Mosaïque is a sofa. You can put it anywhere, against the wall and make the sofa or leave it in the centre of the room as an island and it stands out as creative and alive. It’s a seating that becomes the platform, with backrest on both sides and armrests where you can sit. It also has wooden end convertible into armrests, but above all has accessories that change its rhythm and life. ” P.Lissoni

Donzelletta, chiar by Michele De Lucchi
“The Donzella chair was designed in 2013, the Donzelletta is launched now. The Donzella is a tub chair that addresses the connection between legs, seat and back through the joint between the handle and the comb of ancient hay rakes. The farmers built them during the cold winter nights, when the fields were not cultivated and covered in snow. In the stables heated by the heat of the animals wives sewed, grandparents told stories to the children and the men were working the wood to turn it into work tools. I like to think about the ancestral atmosphere during these situations: long hazel twigs were cut with a sickle and then smoothed with a box cutter to form the handles, so the thinner ends was separated into two parts for the attachment to the pole the comb with tines. This bifurcation characterises the shape of the four legs of the Donzella chair, although industrially produced, evokes a sense of archaic doing, very soothing and punctuated by the rhythms of nature. The Donzelletta keeps the same concepts but is smaller and lighter. Its constituent elements are simplified: only the back legs branch off as two rakes, while the front ones are replaced by linear supports. This formal easing was designed to simplify the production process and seek greater applicability of the chair in today’s living environments.” M. De Lucchi

So, chair by Naoto Fukasawa
“A tacitly shared typology between Roberto and myself is about an idea of graceful reduction in shapes. We always talk about what we can do to reduce more and how we can make things more simple and pure. I think this chair ‘So’ gives a shape to this objective. When Roberto and I discuss, our focus of each conversations comes down to discussing about how much corner edges we can sharpen and to simplify the design. The result of this collaboration is a very simple and pure archetype. The word ‘So’ in Japanese means being natural / raw and not processed and I think this chair is very ‘So’” N. Fukasawa

Margherita, chair
Chair that completes the M16 series. Lower, it maintains the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics of the chair with its comfortable armrests, the stuffing of the seat or covered with leather or leather. Depending on the choice of structure material it has obtains a different characteristic: natural with dyed blanched ash, classic or urban in black, exotic or rustic in red.

Sail, small table and consolle by Nendo
“A table that seems as though its table top is floating because of the detailing of the legs passing through the centre of the holes in the table top. The protruding table legs resemble a mast which supports the sail of a boat; it conjures up a vision of a boat being drawn by the wind, the name “sail” was derived from this image.” O.Sato/Nendo

Swiss 17, small table by Mirto Zocca
“While drawing the Swiss collection, I had in mind the Swiss pocket knife, the one with two blades, corkscrew, scissors, can opener, screwdriver, etc. Fortunately in the Swiss table, the height adjustment does not affect the final form” M. Zocca

3Millimetri, table by Studiocharlie
“We created a table cutting out a piece of paper. Then the model become a table made from a very solid steel sheet.” Studiocharlie

Twig, lampada by Keiji Takeuchi
“Twig family was originally born as a bathroom accessory family for Boffi in 2016. It was then something natural for us to think of an extension by using its visual expression. The idea to develop a light seemed a common image we had in our mind and it was developed almost by itself. It is interesting to see how Twig light found its place in DePadova. It communicates the fact that Boffi and De Padova has an unified vision and mission for enriching our living quality without boundaries”. K. Takeuchi

Nota, lampada by Elisa
I wanted to trace a line in space in order to produce a visual effect that would almost be two-dimensional, as if the lamp was a drawing.” E. Ossino

Cielo-Terra, lamp by Studiocharlie
“We wanted a lamp as thin as our 3millimetri table: we have therefore drawn a line that runs from floor to ceiling, that touched the ground with a minimum foot and reaches dizzying heights.” Studiocharlie

MA/U Studio presenta:

R.I.G. modules/bench by Mikal Harrsen

C.O.P. units by Mikal Harrsen

N.E.T. table by Mikal Harrsen

T.T.A. table byMikal Harrsen

De Padova


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