De Padova and MA/U Studio A new De Padova partnership in Boffi group

De Padova and MA/U Studio A new De Padova partnership in Boffi group

The legendary association between Italy and Denmark, which has always been a part of the De Padova identity, is further consolidated with the recently signed acquisition of 75% of MA/U Studio. Founded by the designer Mikal Harrsen in Copenhagen in 2012, the Danish company manufactures innovative furniture and shelving systems. Mikal Harrsen will assume the role of Executive Brand Director, coordinating all activities and the future creative development.

Simple principles, optimization of materials, advanced functionality, clean lines, continuous research for timeless design are shared by De Padova and MA/U Studio. Following the traditional attention to Scandinavian design, the De Padova collections will now include the production of new furnishing pieces and systems to create more creative solutions for both home and office spaces, based on modularity, innovation and graphic minimalism, designed by Mikal Harrsen and his team.

“The opportunity of entering a partnership with De Padova is unique. With the MA/U Studio collection, I have always tried to challenge conventions about furniture and spaces, the object and its correlation with the surroundings. I feel that this new partnership is an opportunity to explore my ideas in more depth while being supported by an incredibly strong team. We are sure that together we will be able to satisfy the fast growing global need for high quality furniture solutions for both professional and residential spaces. As a designer with Scandinavian roots, but one who also possesses a life long admiration for Italian innovation, quality and design, I now have the opportunity to develop MA/U Studio in an environment for which I have the deepest respect and which I believe is second to none.” – Mikal Harrsen.

New initials have now been introduced into the vocabulary that will describe future new classics from the De Padova brand: R.I.G. (Rudimentary Interior Geometry), T.T.A. (Tribute To Albers), N.E.T. (Never Ending Table) – tables, bookcases and benches developed by MA/U Studio in an exploration of pure and light forms , planned to generate areas of simple and sophisticated design. De Padova will make its operational and distribution structure available and will organize the management and promotion of the brand, in coordination with Boffi. “Our purpose is to develop a coherent industrial project through collaborations, partnerships and acquisitions aimed at building a complete offer of design interiors, flexible and sophisticated up to the limit of the highest craftmanship. The partnership with MA/U Studio contributes to the quality of our project, not only with the new collection, but even more with the arrival on board of Mikal Harrsen, a real talent in our field of activity” – declares Roberto Gavazzi, CEO of Boffi and De Padova, and now also of MA/U Studio.

MA/U Studio will exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair (Stockholm, 7-11 February 2017). The merger of De Padova and MA/U Studio will be presented on the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair (Milan, 4-9 April 2017), at the De Padova stand (Rho Fiera) and at the De Padova Store, in via Santa Cecilia, 7.

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