we have moved

we have moved

De Padova, starting October 28th, 2015, has a new address: via Santa Cecilia 7, a cross street of Corso Monforte. A domestic place to be re-discovered. Where architecture, design and interior design are together in an innovative dimension, with the usual style. The new De Padova home is the reflection of today’s home, that doesn’t forget the past, but is focused on new relationships and dynamics. The space is a place of light and a laboratory of ideas. It cannot be seen from the street, it shows itself through the crown of a big tree and discrete signs, at the end of the small Santa Cecilia street. But the inside experience—moving between the two levels of 1100 square metres in total, in the outside/inside connection and in the innovative path among sets of real home solutions—recalls the relationship with the city and its industriousness. The entrance of this big industrial loft is through a former car tunnel, now pedestrian, lit by a big window, where the first objects can be perceived. It goes towards a bright atrium in a quiet courtyard, with a small garden, which has a mildly eastern tone, where a big glass wall appears. The entrance is through the basement. The visitor is inside, but still outside. And, once crossing the door, the visit starts from environments recreated with different furniture proposals, continuing at the ground floor, naturally lit by skylights and windows, some overlooking the street. The De Padova store in via Santa Cecilia integrates in its display other solutions to furnishings, contextualizing them with bathrooms, kitchens and wardrobes by Boffi and, above all, with various material ranges of selected brand partners: from tiles to resins, from woods to fabrics for upholstery and curtains. All items available to customers who, with the help of a team of architects, will create tailored interior projects, terraces and gardens—including heating systems, air conditioning and home automation.

we have moved we have moved we have moved we have moved we have moved

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