C.O.P. Storage System

Living room wall storage system with adaptable design and invisible wall-mounted track system

Mikal Harrsen, 2012

C.O.P. Storage System

C.O.P. is an extremely flexible living room wall storage system. Due to its design and invisible wall-mounted track, it can turn into a floating bookcase with an uncluttered design or a storage unit for keeping things.‎ It’s a simple ‘plug & play’ solution consisting of just 3 basic units, a metal shelf insert and a drawer.‎ C.‎O.P.’s minimalist lines‎ are perfect for both office and home use.‎ The magnetic mounting system for the drawers and shelves ensures an easy reconfiguration whenever the need arises or its purpose changes.‎ The hidden track system makes for easy assembly or rearrangement of the units without the need for tools.‎


Design material finishes: EMBOSSED BLACK POWDER-COATED ALUMINIUM | De Padova
Design material finishes: WHITE SEMI-MATT CORIAN® | De Padova