Boffi Solferino

Boffi Solferino: here the Boffi strategy of commercial growth was born.
After this store the company opened more than 50 mono-brand shops in the most important metropolis of the world in about 40 countries. Opened in 1998, as showroom dedicated only to bathrooms, Boffi Solferino is the symbol of Boffi brand extension, evolving and becoming a unique example of international network of shops that offer a complete range of kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe furniture.

It’s located in the historic Brera quarter of Milan, has three entrances two from the large windows in Largo Treves and also from the suggestive courtyard in via Solferino 11.
An area divided into kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe areas, presenting the entire collection with a great visual impact and way of communication on the viewer.

The architecture has been specially designed and created by Piero Lissoni, in collaboration with Boffi Marketing Management, in order to preserve the original character of the old Milanese building whilst creating some loft-like spaces, with ad-hoc structures as the impressive central staircase between the two levels and the separate rooms organisation obtained by an essential integration of volumes and materials.

In 2010 a new space was presented: L’Appartamento: a real domestic environment featuring living space, bedroom, kitchens and bathrooms. The purpose of L’appartamento is to display more atypical products, echoing recent changes in the way we interpret architecture, solutions for spaces and home objects.

In April 2015 the design of Boffi and De Padova together for the first time, in the Appartamento,in a set of complementary pieces, to celebrate the integration of the two brands, new strategic alliance in the world of design, which is enriched in 2018 with a new area and a new entrance dedicated to De Padova.

Boffi Solferino, known for its original, professional approach and communication to design, creates a new Milan destination for all architects and designers.


Opening hours

Monday 10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 – 19:00



Il vostro progetto

Il vostro progetto I vostri progetti vengono elaborati e studiati su piante e disegni forniti da voi o dal vostro architetto. Se necessario, effettuiamo le misurazioni in loco. Possiamo redigere, insieme a voi o al vostro architetto, una lista dettagliata delle specifiche tecniche, estetiche ed anche finanziarie necessarie per la realizzazione del progetto

Progettazione e installazione

Usiamo software e programmi informatici all’avanguardia, per garantire una progettazione precisa e veloce. I nostri servizi, se richiesto, possono includere consulenza ed assistenza tecnica alle imprese che lavorano nella ristrutturazione della vostra casa.

Installazione e manutenzione

Il montaggio viene programmato e fissato tra voi ed il nostro team di installatori. I mobili Boffi sono garantiti 3 anni. La manutenzione e l’assistenza post-vendita dei prodotti Boffi in garanzia vengono effettuate gratuitamente. Per gli elettrodomestici tutti i servizi post-vendita e la garanzia sono coperti dal costruttore stesso.

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