De Padova Italian specialized in the production of home and office furniture.

Boffi Cannes

Boffi 在戛纳 Rue Constantine 6 号找到了非常适合这间绝妙门店的地方,它是一个经过检验的真实“宝库”,充满强烈的个性化特征。这是家具爱好者和设计鉴赏家所钟爱的地方。Boffi 系列、De Padova(意大利设计界的传奇名称)世界以及 MA/U Studio 品牌的亲切感都汇聚这里,熠熠生辉。后两者最近都被 Boffi 所收购。门店内部通过四个天窗向现代空间敞开,四个天窗高度各不相同。这个 120 平方米的空间为世界上最伟大的设计师(Piero Lissoni、Nendo、Vico Magistretti、Patrick Norguet…)提供了完美的创作舞台,使他们能够打造出完整和彻底的家居解决方案。为了根据访客期望正确反映、开发和创建这些项目,由专业人士、室内设计师和建筑师组成的团队将为您提供建议,并引导您完成项目的各个步骤,确保每位客户都可以享受汇集了 Boffi、De Padova 和 MA/U Studio 的卓越服务。©照片提供者:Pierrick Verry



Monday-Friday: 10.00am-12.30pm / 2.00pm-7.00pm
Saturday only by appointment


Your project

The Boffi Cannes team collaborates with clients and trade professionals from start to finish. A fairly accurate provided by you or your architect is enough to make a draft plan. We build with you or your architect, a detailed specification in which we will discuss all aspects of your project

Design and installation

We use the last drawing programs that provide improved accuracy and timeliness. We can make, only on request, a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your new kitchen or bathroom. Our services also include technical assistance to companies operating within the kitchen or bathroom

Installation and maintenance

Boffi supplies a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects. Our installer team occurs on a schedule established with you and for a duration that depends on the projects complexity.



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