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波士顿大道因其为伊甸山监狱的所在地而闻名,这是一座令人敬畏的城堡式建筑,修建于 1856 年,采用当地坚实的玄武岩建造而成。如今,它是格拉夫顿的“上城区”,是 Boffi Studio 的所在地,也是许多顶级国际设计品牌和家具、照明及纺织品专家的打卡圣地。附近还有很多咖啡馆、酒吧和屡获大奖的餐厅,它们融合了维多利亚时代的建筑和本国一些顶尖建筑师设计的新当代建筑的特征。展厅所在地靠近所有高速公路和当地火车站,从奥克兰大区的任何地方前往都非常方便。Boffi Studio 收购并改造了该地区原有的摩托车工厂,对水泥地面进行打磨,露出当地的玄武岩骨料,并采用粗锯陈年雪松衬板处理天花板。钢结构清晰可见,充满原始的气息,突出了 70 年代建筑的良好比例架构。正面采用新的钢制双边折叠门系统。展销店可以在夏季开放,用于举办展览和活动。厨房、浴室和系统的展示设置在超过 200 平方米的展销店中,配有私人会议室和大型设计资源库。客户可以直接将车停在展厅前或地下室。



Monday – Friday: 9:00 to 17:00
Saturday and Sunday by appointment only


Your project

The Boffi Studio Elemento team collaborates with clients and trade professionals from start to finish. From concept development and technical requirements to financial considerations and scheduling needs, Boffi offers a comprehensive support network through project completion.

Design and installation

Boffi Studio Elemento employs the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick, precise and thorough design development and execution. Upon client request the Boffi team will provide technical and physical assistance to contracted specialists hired to implement Boffi’s Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. The typical installation period for an average-sized Boffi system is approximately 3-4 working days, and formulated to suit the client’s timeline and preferences. Boffi will supply a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects.

Installation and maintenance

There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. For electrical appliances, all after-sale service and guarantees will be covered by the manufacturer as applicable. Maintenance and after-sales service of Boffi cabinetry under guarantee will be performed free of charge.



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