R.I.G. Modules – Kitchen System

R.I.G. Modules – Kitchen System

Mikal Harrsen

The RIG modular system now moves into the kitchen. The thin black profile hosts several specif- ic elements, accessorising itself according to the different needs. Units and drawers, available in standard or shaped shelves to hold glasses and ladles, open compartments and bottle racks to space as needed. While clearly communicating its highly functional nature, R.I.G is able to act as a neutral, chameleonic presence.

The R.I.G. modular system originally designed for the home now extends its use in the kitchen thanks to its versatility and specific accessories. The module has been specially designed for use in areas adjacent to the kitchen area. It is enhanced with specific accessories such as units and draw- ers with dividers, cutlery holders and utensils, ladle racks and traditional shelves, glasses holder for goblets and open compartments, bottles to store bottles (both in vertical and horizontal position).


“The idea of an open shelving system in the kitchen is all about celebrating the beauty of food, the tools it requires and the pleasure of the hours lived in this dynamic and social setting.”