R.I.G. Modules – Kitchen System

R.I.G. Modules – Kitchen System

Mikal Harrsen


R.I.G. Modules is a modular wall system that adapts to the space by arranging itself as needed; functional and eclectic, it enters the kitchen combining the beauty and practicality of a modern bookcase and the storage capacity of a sideboard with a fully realised design. R.I.G. features traditional or moulded shelves for keeping glassware and utensils; open compartments and bottle racks; and everything required for storing and keeping things tidy. Due to its thin black frame, it manages to stay neutral, chameleon-like, or it can take centre stage. The R.I.G. modular system was conceived for the home, yet due to its versatility and the specificity of the accessories, its purpose can extend to the pantry, with accessories such as drawers equipped with cutlery holders; utensil dividers; hanging rods and traditional shelves; stemware racks; open compartments and bottle racks (for both vertical and horizontal storage).


“The idea of an open shelving system in the kitchen is all about celebrating the beauty of food, the tools it requires and the pleasure of the hours lived in this dynamic and social setting.”