Raindrops Casting Bronze Table

Raindrops Casting Bronze Table

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Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture has a history of over 400 years as a major production center for cast metal such as copper, brass, and iron, ranging from traditional casting of Buddhist implements and statues to modern casting of industrial product components and contemporary art pieces. The artisan skills passed down in this region have been refined over a long period. The process of metal casting involves stages such as creating the pattern, casting, finishing, and coloring. Skilled artisans showcase their craftsmanship in each stage, and the collaboration of these processes gives birth to a unified aesthetic beauty.

The Raindrops casting bronze table is a new product born from the fusion of historical casting techniques in Takaoka City and meticulous craftsmanship by artisans. It represents a combination of artistry and modern design, achievable only by these experienced artisans.

The bronze leg, shaped by the formability cultivated through years of casting expertise, is inspired by the shape of raindrops falling from a large tabletop holder down to the bottom. Starting from the broad top of the tabletop holder, the form narrows towards the neck and organically connects to the voluminous shape at the bottom, evoking the image of raindrops. The sense of heaviness in the bronze leg and the organic shape resembling raindrops coexist in balanced harmony, creating a sense of weight while maintaining a light and agile appearance.

Additionally, the ability to evenly position the leg at the center is attributed to the weight, stability, and sufficient strength characteristic of cast metal. The stability of the bronze center leg enables the freedom to place many chairs. The combination with tabletops crafted from Hokkaido-sourced oak in round and oval shapes contributes to the flexibility of dining scene layouts.