The «Invisible city» exhibition by Veronica Gaido

The Miami showroom host the «Invisible City» exhibit, an extraordinary collection of works by photographer Veronica Gaido

The «Invisible city» exhibition by Veronica Gaido


During Art Basel Miami, the world’s most preeminent contemporary art event held between the 8th and 10th of December, the Boffi|DePadova Miami flagship store will become a key point of reference for the brand’s globally recognised approach to interior design.

The event provided the perfect opportunity to unveil an iconic setting found within a building marked by an industrial vibe with simple anthracite grey hues and steel that frame the shapes, colours, configurations and materials chosen by the creative team at Boffi|DePadova.

This year the Miami showroom will host the Invisible City exhibit, an extraordinary collection of works by photographer Veronica Gaido. Invisible City is an introspective presentation narrated via a series of evocative photographs of urban landscapes designed to match the Boffi|DePadova display and the sophisticated spirit of its Miami showroom during the week dedicated to art and design in the cosmopolitan city.

“When I photograph a building or a city, I try to see the dynamic movement inside of them as if they were in fact living bodies,” says Veronica Gaido. She depicts her cities, which include New York, Tokyo, Miami and Milan, as a series of intertwined places in a lengthy journey of exploration and meditation, revealed in an elegant loft, and described via a story of timeless icons that bring out a mix of colors and light through hanging portraits.

“Thanks to her long exposure technique, the flow of reality comes to life in photography,” explains curator Maria Vittoria Baravelli. “It’s a filamentous life, not perfectly focused but one without end.»

Roberto Gavazzi, President & CEO of Boffi|DePadova, describes the exhibition as «absolutely in line with the refined approach of the Boffi|DePadova group. As an art enthusiast, I believe it is proof of Veronica Gaido’s talent and shows that our space in Miami, as well as that of De Padova in Milan which still hosts the exhibit, is the perfect showcase for her urban portraits.»

Invisible City will be exhibited during Art Basel Miami at the Boffi|DePadova showroom and runs from December 7 to December 21, 2023.

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