The Project

Everyday Life talks with the Paul Smith’s distinctive colour trait and De Padova’s craftsmanship. A living collection described by sofas, armchairs, pouf, reflected in the ordinary.


A synergic dialogue, based on a common narration. Paul Smith + De Padova is a cross-pollination process exploring new aesthetic solutions blending design and fashion.


Eco-friendly materials of natural origins, such as hemp for the upholstery as well as kapok and recycled feathers for the padding. Sustainability is one of the keywords of the project.


Sartorial know-how connecting a design that never compromises on quality and functional aesthetic.


The Paul Smith + De Padova collection conceived by the British fashion designer with Boffi|DePadova represents the meeting point between the refined understatement of the renowned made in Italy design brand and the playful “classic with a twist approach” of the fashion designer.

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