Boffi|DePadova Studio Hamburg

The Boffi Studio Hamburg presents its entire product portfolio by the North Italian manufacturer over spacious 200 square meters in the historical Scholvien-House on the Glockengießerwall: from high quality kitchens and bathrooms to wardrobe and storage systems to luminaries and accessories.

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Boffi|DePadova Studio


  • Glockengiesserwall 26
    20095 Hamburg


Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00


Boffi Studio Hamburg 坐落于 Glockengießerwall 公路边上历史悠久的 Scholvien-House 大楼,占地 200 平方米,展示了意大利北部制造商的全部产品组合:从高品质的厨房、浴室系列,到衣柜和收纳系统,再到灯具和配饰件等等。Boffi Studio 位于创建初期即被当作遗产保护的“Kontorhäuser”建筑的底层,在汉堡老城区中心。具有悠久历史的砖石建筑圆弧形特征的窗户延伸至天花板,且正对着 Glockengießerwall 和 Ferdinandstrasse 大街,使整个展销店光线充沛。朴素的展厅建筑、简约的展品形式,与新奇的新艺术风格店面和温暖的地板形成了有趣的对比。Boffi 将当前产品应用与空间的松散序列融合,使产品组之间整体交互关联。门店的访客可以体验产品的表面和材料是如何实现协调的。展销店的私密氛围让您能够想像减少使用形式之后的厨房、浴室和收纳系统安装在自己家中的情形。Boffi 的所有产品都可以根据客户的个人想法、需求以及相应的体系结构,在大小、颜色和材料上进行自定义组合。Boffi Hamburg 的建筑师和室内设计师团队提供专业、全面和针对特定客户的建议。从最初的布局到概念的开发,再到产品的交付和最终组装,包括时间和预算管理等整个过程,团队始终陪伴着客户。我们非常重视相互信任的合作。当然,团队会与建筑师和规划师展开讨论,并进行实地考察。我们期待在一对一的谈话中为您提供建议。


We create a design for your personal kitchen or bathroom and consider individual plans together with you, your architect or building contractor. We talk through all technical and especially aesthetic specifications and adjust ourselves to your budget and timing.

You are the center of attention and everything revolves around your home. Starting from the first drafts through to the delivery and installation – throughout we make it our priority to offer a comprehensive support. We attach great importance to your individual wishes, visions and demands. All Boffi products can be customized in size, material and combinations to meet your specific ideas and needs.

We use the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick and accurate designs. There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi cabinetry.


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