Masters in modern designer furniture


Modern furniture collections, each with a story to tell

De Padova collections represent a journey through the excellence of modern interior and exterior furniture, where each piece tells a story of innovation and form. Through a distinctive imprint that blends the heritage of Italian design with international visions, De Padova creates environments that reflect a sophisticated and functional aesthetic. The range of furnishings is the result of exclusive collaborations with design masters. De Padova celebrates the heritage of design through a continuous dialogue between past and future. Each collection speaks of contemporary savoir-faire, enriched by first-choice materials and innovative fabrics that perfectly adapt to any living space. A universe of modern furniture that surpasses traditional conventions, aiming towards a future where design meets elegant and refined style, inviting the creation of environments that reflect one's personality and lifestyle.

Everyday Life by Paul Smith

Modern furniture meets Paul Smith design

The collection of living room and garden furniture born from the collaboration between Paul Smith and De Padova celebrates the harmony between sustainable design and functionality. With a nature-inspired color palette and a focus on sustainability, Everyday Life introduces the modular sofa and a range of outdoor furniture that redefines the outdoors. The collaboration with the Research & Development team has allowed us to create pieces that embody the shared vision of aesthetics and practicality, perfect for those looking for interior and exterior design furniture that combines elegance and innovation.


Interior design for modern and timeless elegance

De Padova's interior design projects combine functionality and aesthetic beauty, offering solutions in modern furniture that adapt to every environment. Interior design reaches new levels of excellence, creating places of intimate beauty. Italian design complements and iconic pieces give your home a unique and comfortable style for every occasion.


Interior design for large spaces and commercial sectors

De Padova excels in contract projects, offering modern furniture solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces that embrace various sectors, from hospitality to retail, from office spaces to the nautical world, to museums and restaurants. Our corporate department, in collaboration with renowned architecture firms, transforms every environment with unique design pieces that meet every style and functionality need. De Padova brings the elegance and innovation of Italian design to interior design worldwide.


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Boffi|DePadova Georgetown

The Boffi Georgetown showroom doubles the floor space dedicated to Boffi|DePadova, bringing together all the brands in the group under one roof.