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Boffi Los Angeles 展厅于 2011 年 6 月从圣莫尼卡迁至西好莱坞充满活力的设计社区,并已成为全球 23 个单一品牌店之一。

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  • 8775 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood
    90048 Los Angeles


Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00


Boffi Los Angeles 展厅于 2011 年 6 月从圣莫尼卡迁至西好莱坞充满活力的设计社区,并已成为全球 23 个单一品牌店之一。展厅由国际著名建筑师 Piero Lissoni 设计,地处艺术与设计街区附近的中心区域。Boffi Los Angeles 是一个两层展厅,里面展示了公司技术先进、精致简约的厨房、浴室和衣柜系统,后者于 2011 年 6 月引入当地市场。Boffi 的模型由不断发展的知名设计师团队所创建,并且以独特的公司历史和哲学为基础。其原则是采用“高度现代”的设计方法来协调功能。最终产品从美学上来讲是最简约的、技术上是最先进的,而且本质上是有用的。核心平衡是杰出设计、技术和创新功能的和谐。2016 年,Boffi 展销店迎来了意大利标志性家具公司 De Padova 的进驻。两家设计公司共同打造了一种生活方式概念,其中包括 Boffi 技术卓越和精致简约的产品及个性化的服务,以及 De Padova 与 Vico Magistretti、Nendo 和 Patricia Urquiola 等知名大师合作设计的全面室内家具系列。Boffi Los Angeles 拥有一支经验丰富的建筑师和设计师团队,专门负责打造与众不同的概念,致力于从一开始就满足眼光敏锐的客户的各种需求。内部团队由经验丰富的技术人员和安装人员组成,可确保每个概念的最终完成。电话 +001 (0)310 652 5500传真 +001 (0)310 652 5505


The Boffi Los Angeles team collaborates with clients and trade professionals from start to finish. From concept development and technical requirements to financial considerations and scheduling needs, Boffi offers a comprehensive support network through project completion.

Boffi Los Angeles employs the latest software and IT equipment to ensure quick, precise and thorough design development and execution. Upon client request the Boffi team will provide technical and physical assistance to contracted specialists hired to implement Boffi’s Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. The typical installation period for an average-sized Boffi system is approximately 3-4 working days, and formulated to suit the client’s timeline and preferences. Boffi will supply a team of trained professionals to execute all installation aspects.

There is a 3-year guarantee on Boffi Kitchen, Bath and Wardrobe systems. For electrical appliances, all after-sale service and guarantees will be covered by the manufacturer as applicable. Maintenance and after-sales service of Boffi cabinetry under guarantee will be performed free of charge.

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