“You can find inspiration in everything” is in fact the mantra of Paul Smith, who has always seen design as a hotbed of ideas and a field in which he has made occasional forays.

The Paul Smith + De Padova EVERYDAY LIFE collection represents the meeting point between the refined understatement of the renowned Made in Italy design brand and the colourful approach of the British fashion designer, renowned for his creativity that goes beyond the boundaries of fashion. Clean lines, sophisticated comfort and refined details are the leitmotifs of a design language where simplicity is never obvious and each object reflects the heritage of De Padova revisited by Paul Smith’s flair.

The archetypes of the Paul Smith + De Padova collection project a concept of design as a lifestyle experience. And, at the same time, they are interpreting the BoffiIDePadova approach of combining different worlds in the same dimension – weaving collaborations that aim to evolve the contemporary vision of interior living.