N.E.T. Table

Søren Ulrik Petersen, 2006

N.E.T. Table

The flexibility of this design provides possibility of integrating the N.‎E.‎T.‎ table in any invironment, as conference table, in co-work spaces, as dining table, as work desk, in the lobby or as long table in a restaurant.‎ The name derives from our ability to produce the tables in lengths up to 6 meters in douglas and up to 4 meters in various kinds of hard wood.‎


Design material finishes: EMBOSSED BLACK POWDER-COATED ALUMINIUM | De Padova
Design material finishes: WHITE SEMI-MATT CORIAN® | De Padova


Design material finishes: BLEACHED DOUGLAS | De Padova
Design material finishes: CHARCOAL STAINED DOUGLAS | De Padova