Society Limonta x De Padova

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Society Limonta x De Padova

Raffles evokes the classic elegance of Vico Magistretti, his style, consisting of details that make all the difference, like the colours and fabrics he selected for his attire. The collaboration between De Padova and Society Limonta stems from a desire to pay tribute to an icon of interior design, reintroducing it with sensitivity and respect for the original project, honouring the quality of materials and colours.

Magistretti’s elegance provided the visual and tactile inspiration for the choice of fabrics: a frosted sateen in solid colour matched with tweed and marled fabric.

Different layers coming from a thoughtful selection of piece-dyed fabrics in the same colour, are perfectly blended. The fibres, receiving the chromatic values in an uneven fashion, create a range of hues that are always different, refined and exclusive.

The logo ‘Vico Magistretti Original’ designed by Italo Lupi for the Magistretti Foundation that bears his signature, is a symbol defining both the project’s originality and colour. The stitching is RossoVico.

“What I love about fabrics are the weaves, the clear marks and, naturally, their ability to be employed in extraordinary ways.”

Vico Magistretti



De Padova


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