Søren Ulrik Petersen


Søren Ulrik Petersen b. 1961, designer and cabinet maker. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 1990.

Søren Ulrik Petersen has a functionalist approach to his designs and aims for his works to create a unique encounters between people. He is an example of a designer who carries on the Danish furniture and design tradition, managing to combine art and craft with a keen feel for the materials.

Søren Ulrik Petersens has his own studio in Copenhagen, and is collaborating with some of the most renown cabinetmakers worldwide. His latest production is a banquet chair in direct collaboration with her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.

«In his work as a designer Søren Ulrik Petersen has persisted in his playful approach to his design and he never misses an opportunity to let the imagination take precedence for mercantile considerations. He manages again and again to combine practicality and functionality with surprises and subtlety» – From ‘Planken ud Prisen’.

Sølvsmed Kay Bojesen og hustru Erna Bojesens Mindelegat 2010 Award from the Danish Arts Foundation for the exhibition ONBOARD 2007 SUP, solo exhibition at the Art museum, Tønder 2007

Walk the Plank Award 2007

Bo Bedre Furniture Award 2002