Stoneware Sculpture

Stoneware Sculpture

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Stoneware sculpture was created using the techniques of Iwami-yaki pottery from the Iwami region of the Japanese Shimane Prefecture. The Iwami region is renowned for the production of durable pottery.

Using Shinozukuri, a unique Iwami yaki pottery technique famous for the scale of its products, clay stretched into a string rope is piled up in circles, formed by artisans using their whole body while rotating the potter’s wheel. It requires great strength and skill to swiftly shape the clay without hesitation.

Each stoneware sculpture gives a different expression and has a unique character and presence. The transparent glaze, which shows the colour of the original clay, reveals the simplicity and texture of the material and blends silently into versatile spaces. The clay is semi-porcelain, featuring the qualities of both porcelain and ceramics. It is hard and moisture-proof, suitable for outdoor use such as in gardens and on terraces.

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