Boffi|DePadova Grand Opening in Denver


The Cherry Creek North neighbourhood in Denver perfectly blends urban development with the appeal of a residential area. Within an ideal setting composed of art galleries and boutiques, there is a new corner space dedicated to the interior design of Boffi|DePadova. The new 213-sqm venue displays each of the collections from Boffi, De Padova, ADL systems for De Padova, Time & Style ēdition and MA/U Studio. It adheres to the group’s corporate strategy to promote internationalization.

Everything has been designed and engineered by the Style department and coordinated with the group’s creative team. The functional aesthetics of Boffi|DePadova are enshrined in a large, bright open space, with high windows that help to perfectly diffuse natural light onto the displays.

The refined icons from De Padova, with their volumes and shapes able to adapt to a variety of interiors, alternate in a rhythmic way with the systems from Boffi and ADL, with their refined materials and architectural geometries that interpret the concepts of rationality and comfort within the home.