Rug – Linosa

Rug – Linosa

Its name references the incredible lands of the Pelagie archipelago in Sicily. Available in three sizes, Linosa is an island of wefts and each knot is a precious piece of craftsmanship in linen that is made on a handloom according to one of the oldest Indian techniques. Each carpet is extraordinary and one of a kind in terms of the workmanship and the delicate nuances of colour.

Linen rug, hand-woven in the north of India through weaving manual frame, one the oldest and most sophisticated techniques, called handloom.

As these rugs are made entirely by hand from natural materials, each rug is unique and exclusive: 2 or more rugs requested in the same size and/or colour will inevitably differ in size (tolerance) and/or colour tone. A colour variation (within the tolerance) between different rugs made by hand may occur due to the dyeing process of natural fibres such as wool (especially) and cotton. This colour variation cannot be controlled during the production processes.

Composition: 80% linen warp and knotting – 20% cotton weft.